Shipping Charges; Taxes. In some cases, separate charges for shipping and handling will be shown on the invoice(s). The Customer is responsible for services tax, sales and all other taxes associated with the Order, however designated, as required in Canada. If applicable, a separate charge for taxes will be shown onThriftyMedsNow.comTM‘s invoice.

18 Day Shipping. Delivery of the Product to the Customer takes place when the product leaves the Pharmacy. After delivery, the Pharmacy will, as attorney and agent for the Customer, arrange for shipping of the product to the Customer’s home address. Normally, the Customer’s product shipment takes less than 18 days to arrive. In the event that the Customer’s shipment is delayed, and upon notice from the Customer, we will do our best to remedy the problem and determine if it should be re-shipped..   If orders are delayed we will call you and let you know they will be delayed.. ThriftyMedsNow.comTM is not liable for any damage to the Customer due to delay in shipment or failure of the product to arrive within 18 days. All packages can be tracked via Canada Post , please call for a tracking number.

Examine entire contents of recieved medication and billing upon delivery. Any issue requiring resolution must be reported by phone directly to a Thrifty Meds Now customer service representative within 72 hours of delivery for resolution. Thrifty Meds Now reserves the sole right to any, and or all resolution beyond 72 hours of delivery.