Within 24 hours of receiving a notification of a recall notice from a manufacturer or supplier,
ThriftyMedsNow.com will:

  • check if current inventory is affected by the recall;
  • check purchase orders from the last 3 months or within the time frame noted on the recall notice to determine if ThriftyMedsNow.com previously had product that has now been recalled; and
  • check outstanding purchase orders in transit to confirm that the lot numbers and expiry dates are for non-recalled product only.

In the event that ThriftyMedsNow.com has any recalled product, it shall immediately remove the recalled product from inventory, place it in a designated and clearly marked “quarantine” area and will thereafter make arrangements to return the recalled product to the manufacturer or supplier.

Alerting patients regarding potential recalled medications

If you have received a product that is subject to recall, ThriftyMedsNow.com will provide you with details on how to return the recalled product and will also provide counselling regarding any medication related issues.

On becoming informed of the recalled product from the manufacturer or Health Canada ThriftyMedsNow.com will prepare a list of patients who may have received the recalled product. ThriftyMedsNow.com will contact each patient by telephone alerting that patient of the recall of that product. Several attempts to contact the patient by telephone will be attempted with a messages left for the patient to contact ThriftyMedsNow.com. ThriftyMedsNow.com will also mail the patient a notification of the product recall.